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Our Process: A Closer Look



The invention process is typically difficult to describe.  It is the process of observing a need in the world and developing a solution. We are always on the lookout for these needs, and once the ideas start to bubble up in our minds we hit the drawing board. Our senior member was a draftsman for many years, and he has the expertise required to truly design these inventions and bring them to their full potential. 



Patenting an invention is the most important aspect of protection an inventor can have.  Knowing the kind of patent you need along with how it protects you is the most necessary part of the process. We understand that most manufacturers and distributors wouldn't even consider an invention if it didn't come along with the proper protections. This is why we take special care in this step to insure the protection of our inventions and therefore secure for our customers as well. 



Our licensing is a contract between us and our customer. We come to an independent agreement regarding the manufacturing and distribution of our inventions and how royalties are paid and aid in design. We come to the table with the thought of  coming to the most mutually beneficial agreement we can with our customers. If we have an invention in our catalogue that interests you, the manufacturer and distributor, please contact us with any questions! Thank you!