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G&D Innovations

Welcome to G&D Innovations

Welcome to G&D Innovations

Welcome to G&D InnovationsWelcome to G&D InnovationsWelcome to G&D Innovations

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 We are inventors interested in the licensing of our inventions with independent manufacturers and distributors to use our products for the benefit of everyone. We cater to all industries and are currently in the works with our first invention with plenty more coming down the pipe! 

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Privacy Policy

We want to ensure the privacy of both our users and our inventions. We have made our catalogue available only to members who have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us and they will only be able to proceed forward from that catalogue with the proper credentials. When inventions are made public, then they will have a Patent attached to ensure the security of our ides and our business partners in licensed manufacturing and distribution of our inventions. We are transparent in who we work with as well as who we are partnered with. We prohibit the copying of any of our works and all content that is on this site. If any duplication or copy of any and all content on this site is found to have been distributed without the knowledge and consent of G&D Innovations, the persons at fault will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.